Coventry , United Kingdom

The National Mathematics and Science College is a co-educational establishment dedicated to providing a world-class education in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to students aged fifteen and over who wish to gain places at the world’s leading universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and top Russell Group universities in the UK.

Our students aim to achieve the highest grades at A level and will, therefore, be in a tremendously strong position to obtain a place at a leading university of their choice.

Why do we focus on the STEM subjects?

Students who study STEM subjects at A-level are equipping themselves with extremely valuable qualifications in areas of knowledge which are in great demand in employment and in higher education.

STEM subjects are not only academically rigorous but also equip students with powerful transferrable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork.

Our Mission

“To educate young people in an international context, who are capable of achieving A grades at A-level and who wish to secure places in the world’s elite universities; and who will become future leaders of their communities, business and academic research.”


  • 100% Grade A* GCSE mathematics and 100% Grade A* A level mathematics
  • We provide 1:1 mentoring and complete pastoral care and support
  • Outstanding success rates at UK Olympiads in all subjects (100% of our students who enter are awarded either Bronze, Silver or Gold)
  • Unique enrichment activities including the Parliamentor Programme supervised by a former government minister and a theatre workshop run by the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry
  • All our teachers possess first class degrees or high 2.1s from Top Russel Group universities ensuring our teachers have the depth of subject knowledge required to extend the learning beyond the syllabus.
Our Ranking
Student Size
Acceptance rate
£ 29500.00
Average Tuition
£ 14900.00
Living Expenses


The school has a wide range of policies and procedures which govern its safe and compliant operation. These are drawn from guidance and good practice established across the UK and reviewed on a periodic basis by the school and approved by the Board of Directors.




At the National Mathematics and Science College we focus on and specialise in teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics. Our aim is that all our students achieve the highest grades and then progress to degrees in these subjects, or for example degrees in Medicine and Engineering. Our objective is to prepare them for the intellectual challenges of studying alongside the world’s future business and political leaders and future university researchers.

Maths and English Written Examination Paper 

Interview with Principal

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is of particular interest to world class higher education institutions as it has been designed to provide students with the skills needed to succeed at university. It is a qualification highly prized by world leading universities.

As a NMSC student you will be required to take EPQ, usually in your second year. It provides you with the opportunity to focus on a specific theme or area of personal interest and conduct your own enquiry. You will be supported by a project supervisor and you will develop the skills needed for independent study and work that are essential for university success.

You may choose one of the following areas of study:

An existing area of study linked to an A Level subject, or
An area of personal interest or an activity outside the main programme of study, possibly linked to careers, community work or enterprise.
This national qualification carries the same weight as an AS level and, more importantly, it is highly regarded by university admissions tutors.

2 Years
Housing :
£ 14900.00 Monthly
Tuition :
£ 29500.00
Level :
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