Services for Institutions

Why work with us?

  1. We are a 100% FREE student consulting agency - we do not charge students for our services
  2. We focus on applications and conversions
  3. High ROI is guaranteed
  4. Student success stories are what drives us
  5. We are a 360 consulting agency - from an application, to visas, to arrival on campus, to students follow up
  6. We are on a quest to uplift Education within Africa and beyond
  7. Reach a global audience
  8. Receive market insights
  9. Monitor everything

What you can do on Admission in 30minutes?

  1. Promote courses
  2. Promote Institution profile
  3. Promote scholarship programs
  4. Promote events
  5. Promote Summer programs

Our Premium Analytics Dashboard

As competition grows and budgets gets tighter, it is crucial to understand how budgets should be spent.
Our power built and data driven dashboard allows you to plan your international recruitment activities by getting to know when and where to travel to, courses to sell and to which audience. Help you draw social and internet marketing strategies and over all re-think your International student recruitment strategies. You can monitor the following data;
  1. Measuring leads and conversions
  2. Measuring marketing campaigns
  3. Course interests
  4. Preferred study destinations
  5. Country of origin
  6. Age
  7. Number of students
  8. Least selling courses
  9. Best selling courses
  10. Budget preferences
  11. Gender And more!

What if you have your own SLATE/CRM for applications?

  • Our API integration allows you to receive applications in your already implemented admission system/CRM/Slate so then you don’t have to use two different portals? – just use our system to increase your marketing and exposure

How to get started

  • Schedule a demo/info session
  • Choose a subscription package that fits your recruitment goals and an annual budget
  • Sign an agency agreement with us (optional)
  • Get your Institution profile and courses listed
  • Start receiving applications
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