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About the course

The Engineering Management MSc programme helps you master current and emerging engineering management issues and the management principles that underpin effective strategies and outcomes.

Balancing academic theory with practical opportunities, it equips you to handle the diverse management responsibilities that require knowledge in finance, systems thinking, operations, human resources and the design and management of the supply chain.

You will understand the way in which finance and assets are managed within the business, appreciate the concepts and principles of marketing and customer care and learn effective teamworking and motivation techniques – as well as a range of transferable skills.



Studying management within the MSc Engineering Management programme allows you to obtain an understanding of how an engineering organisation is managed internally and operates from a corporate perspective.

Increasingly employers are looking for students who can demonstrate a strong understanding, not just in the technical (your first degree), but also in managing people, processes, understanding business models especially in relation to the supply chain, and corporate strategy.

Most students choosing this programme are looking to demonstrate a broad range of management knowledge and skills that can be used together with their technical background to obtain management positions in their careers.

The course is intended to benefit a wide range of participants, in particular:

  • Engineering and technology graduates who aspire to management positions.
  • Established engineers working in industry and faced with the challenge of new areas of responsibility following promotion to management positions.
  • Managers working in engineering organisations who have the technical knowledge and skills but need to broaden their experience and update their expertise.
  • Others with engineering, technology or appropriate business backgrounds, working in advisory, consultancy or research roles, who need to familiarise themselves with engineering management principles and practices.
  • European and other overseas engineers who wish to broaden their education in the United Kingdom.

Varies depending on country.

Please check the course page on Brunel's website for further information.

1-year full-time; 3-to-5-years distance-learning
Housing :
£ 5000.00 Yearly
Tuition :
£ 1800.00
Level :
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