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Brunel University London’s impact on the future wages of its graduates is among the best in the country compared to other universities, according to a new analysis of government data by The Economist (2017).


Renewable energy and the reduction of carbon emissions are at the top of the global agenda. This course addresses the fundamentals of renewable energy and how solar, wind, wave and other such energy sources can be efficiently integrated into practical power systems.

The curriculum is distinctive in that it provides a strong compulsory of teaching in power electronic converters, machines and control backed up with modules on power generation and electronic conversion with renewable energy sources.

Our degrees have a common first year during which you will study all of the main specialisms. Based on your own personal learning experiences of these subjects, you will be able to re-evaluate your original degree choice at level 1 and switch to a related course if you want.


If you are interested in becoming an expert in the planning, operation and management of sustainable electrical systems, this course will develop your ability to lead, create and innovate.

Graduates will be able to effectively apply their knowledge and skills to solving the problems associated with the design, integration and development of technological solutions for modern electric power and power electronic systems.

You must be someone who is analytical, creative, versatile and a logical problem solver – as well as being a forward thinking realist. Maybe you:

  • know what engineering area you want to specialise in already and realise that a broad degree can provide you with an invaluable springboard to any number of careers. You don’t want to limit your options
  • are seeking a broad-based engineering degree to explore your interests and strengths in a variety of exciting fields, all of which are of crucial importance in today’s world
  • aspire to a senior managerial role at the forefront of this dynamic, valued and rapidly expanding technological industry.

Whatever your ambitions, you should be interested in understanding about the big picture as well as becoming a specialist in your chosen area. Intellectual challenge is important to you, as is hands-on experience, and you want to work alongside other high achievers.

Varies depending on country.

Please check the course page on Brunel's website for further information.

Housing :
£ 5000.00 Yearly
Tuition :
£ 18000.00
Level :
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