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About the course

Handling large amounts of data efficiently and quickly is becoming an increasingly important aspect of computing. Businesses need to understand trends in data which will allow them to make informed and timely decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the techniques it embraces provide opportunities for this to happen and make sense of ‘Big Data’. Qualified graduates with the skills and ability in AI to take advantage of these opportunities are in great demand; providing those graduates allows us to confront the many challenges that lie ahead. Brunel’s course in Computer Science, specialising in artificial intelligence, will expose you to the foundations, theory and practical aspects of computer science and AI.

You’ll gain a good understanding of computer science and a grasp of the important elements of a computer system. You’ll also learn how to build different types of software – from web-based systems to mobile solutions. In the final year you’ll take compulsory modules in advanced computer science and choose options from a range of computing topics.

By specialising in artificial intelligence (AI) you will learn about a range of techniques which can be applied in software to solve complex problems. AI can be found in modern games, financial trading systems and medical systems to enhance the software solutions in each of these areas.



The aim of all undergraduate programmes offered by Department of Computer Science is primarily to equip our graduates with appropriate knowledge and skills required for their mainly commercial careers, making them highly employable.

Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) programme graduates will be able to:

• Understand the nature, diversity and limitations of software artefacts (or programs) that display apparently intelligent behaviour, to understand a range of machine learning paradigms and to be able to apply them to the production of innovative and useful artefacts.

Varies depending on country.

Please check the course page on Brunel's website for further information.

Brunel’s Women in Engineering and Computing mentoring scheme provides our female students with invaluable support from industry mentors

Brunel University London’s impact on the future wages of its graduates is among the best in the country compared to other universities, according to a new analysis of government data by The Economist (2017).

Housing :
£ 5000.00 Yearly
Tuition :
£ 16200.00
Level :
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