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About the course

The Advanced Manufacturing Systems MSc course is designed to address the challenges of modern manufacturing and enterprise systems. It covers a breadth of subjects that enable candidates to appreciate and deal with complexities of modern industrial environments.

The location for this course:

  • Brunel’s main campus in Uxbridge, West London, where the course is offered as a 1-year full-time, or 3-to-5 years distance learning programme.

The programme has been designed after extensive consultation with industry and is suitable for:

  • Recent engineering and technology graduates who have decided to move into manufacturing and related disciplines
  • Established manufacturing engineers working in industry and faced with the challenge of new areas of responsibility
  • Managers and designers working in manufacturing organisations who need to invest in their personal career development
  • Professionals from engineering, technology or appropriate business backgrounds working in advisory, consultancy or research roles, who need to familiarise themselves with advanced manufacturing systems.


  • Demonstrate how the technological and human resources of manufacturing are organised to make products in the most competitive way
  • Provide a thorough knowledge of the potential and limitations of new manufacturing technologies
  • Illustrate the essential role of the human resource and its effective integration into the manufacturing system
  • Give the sound theoretical underpinning necessary to exploit the potential of modern manufacturing systems
  • Fit management and strategic theories into the realities of modern manufacturing by demonstrating a positive applications approach
  • Encourage work on real industrial problems, giving confidence in the ideas underlying manufacturing and the practicalities of implementing these ideas.

Since 2012 we have introduced new optional modules and a more flexible, industry-focused programme for MSc students in advanced manufacturing and enterprise engineering. You have the option to study on a full or part-time basis on our three MSc programmes, giving you a highly relevant and versatile degree that also improves your job prospects.

Varies depending on country.

Please check the course page on Brunel's website for further information.

1-year full-time; 3-to-5-years distance-learning
Housing :
£ 5000.00 Yearly
Tuition :
£ 1800.00
Level :
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